Hamilton’s Ferrari Move and What It Means

Romain Grosjean, a former Formula 1 driver, expressed his surprise at Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes and join Ferrari in 2025. 

Grosjean, who was once a rival of Hamilton, acknowledged that Hamilton has a strong setup and atmosphere at Mercedes, where he won six World titles in seven years. 

Grosjean drew parallels to Hamilton’s move from McLaren to Mercedes in 2012, which also surprised many at the time.

Grosjean described Hamilton’s move to Ferrari as a “challenge” and a “new desire.” He emphasized Ferrari’s uniqueness and iconic status in the racing world. Hamilton has faced two tough seasons with Mercedes, with his last win coming in the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. 

The 2024 season is their final opportunity to conclude their partnership on a high note. Grosjean also warned that joining Ferrari doesn’t guarantee a better competitive advantage, as Mercedes has a history of bouncing back from difficult periods. 

He noted that Mercedes has struggled to keep up with Red Bull in the ground effect era but remained a competitive team. Ferrari was the only team to win a race in 2023.

Hamilton’s move to Ferrari will result in one of the strongest driver line-ups on the grid, alongside Charles Leclerc. Grosjean believes it will be an intriguing pairing, as both drivers are highly competitive and unwilling to accept defeat against their teammates. 

He recalled Hamilton’s earlier experiences, such as competing against Fernando Alonso at McLaren, and suggested that the challenge will not deter Hamilton and will serve as a benchmark for Leclerc.

However, Hamilton’s move to Ferrari has left Carlos Sainz without a seat for F1 2024. Sainz is linked to Sauber, which will become Audi in 2026, as a potential future option. 

Grosjean raised questions about Sainz’s plans and the impact of Hamilton’s decision on the driver market.