George Russell’s Veiled Swipe at Hamilton and Leclerc.

George Russell subtly indicated that Lewis Hamilton may not have deserved to outshine Oscar Piastri for a podium spot during the British Grand Prix.

Despite starting from seventh on the grid, Hamilton showcased his formidable skills, making an impressive comeback to secure a valuable podium finish alongside Max Verstappen and Lando Norris at Silverstone, accumulating crucial points for Mercedes.

The seven-time world champion capitalized on the advantageous timing of a late safety car intervention, strategically pitting for soft tires.

This tactical move allowed him to surpass Piastri and maintain his lead over the Australian driver in the closing stages of the race. Russell firmly asserted that Piastri, who held onto third place for the majority of the contest, would have been entirely worthy of a podium finish.

However, Hamilton’s surge ultimately denied Piastri the opportunity to step onto the podium. In his post-race interview with Sky Sports, Russell remarked: “McLaren were super impressive today.”

“I feel for Oscar because he was driving very well and I’ve been impressed by what he has been doing this year. He is a deserving podium finisher, but an unfortunate safety car timing hindered him and hindered myself.

“In the end, it was a relatively good weekend for us. Our pace compared to Red Bull, Aston Martin and Ferrari was probably better than we thought, but those McLarens just came from nowhere.”

Russell proceeded to deliver a subtle but pointed comment towards his Ferrari adversary, Charles Leclerc. In a captivating battle for position at Silverstone, Leclerc had to fiercely defend his position against the determined Mercedes driver, showcasing his defensive skills and refusing to yield.

“I was really happy and enjoying the car and pushing hard,” added Russell. “There was some questionable defending from Charles at points. I just couldn’t get past him, it was a little bit frustrating. We just didn’t quite have the edge to get past him in the corners.

“In the end it didn’t really change my race. I think if I had got past him earlier I would have probably pitted even earlier and still been caught out by the safety car. An enjoyable weekend, great to see the fans.

“It was an incredible atmosphere, a shame not to be on the podium but all in all it was a good one.”