FIA urged to counter Red Bull’s dominance – Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is imploring the FIA to take measures to prevent Red Bull’s superiority from becoming entrenched in the upcoming years.

With Max Verstappen having clinched his third consecutive drivers’ title in a particularly dominant manner, questions are arising about whether Red Bull’s competitors can narrow the significant performance difference by 2024.

Eddie Jordan, former F1 team owner and chief, noted on his podcast Formula For Success: “We cycle a lot together, and Adrian (Newey) tells me that he feels that the evolution of what they’ve got at the moment is going to be so difficult for anyone to catch up with.

“So please, folks out there, prepare yourself either for a boring time or an exciting time, depending on whether you’re a Red Bull enthusiast or not.”

Lewis Hamilton believes it’s crucial for Formula 1 to implement changes to bring Red Bull more in line with the rest.

“I think you’ve seen the social engagement drop a huge amount this year,” the Mercedes driver commented. “Within our sport, we must continue ensuring competitive racing.

“It (Verstappen’s dominance) has clearly had a major impact on competition. But this is the spectacle fans anticipate.

“So, it’s vital to ensure the governing body makes informed decisions to keep competition intense and racing compelling until the very end,” the seven-time world champion added.

However, FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has dismissed any contrived or ‘balance of performance’ strategies to restrict Red Bull’s prowess.

“It’s not right to penalise success,” he expressed.

“I’m open to suggestions if you think of a fair and democratic way, but not just to punish Max and his team. But we’re all ears, really.

“But there’s no way the FIA will punish success, so I’m stuck like you.”