Ex-F1 Driver Claims That Verstappen Didn’t Dominate The 2022 Season.

According to a PlanetF1 report, Jan Lammers, an ex-F1 driver and the current sporting director of the Dutch Grand Prix, disagrees that Max Verstappen dominated the previous season, although he won 15 out of the 22 races.

Verstappen’s title defense for Red Bull got off to a rocky start, as he had to retire twice from the first three races because of minor issues with his RB18. However, it was enough for him to fall 46 points short of Charles Leclerc following the Australian Grand Prix.

The Dutchman, who was dissatisfied with his performances, informed the media that he would take it race by race and wasn’t considering a second World championship. But then he started to recover the gap one race at a time and converted it into a six-point lead just three races later. He didn’t look back after that.

Verstappen won 15 of the 22 races he competed in, never once giving up P1 once he had it, and with four races left, he won the championship in Japan. He established new records for the most victories in a season, the most points scored, and the largest deficit overcome to win a World title.

However, Lammers insists that the 25-year-old had to labor for it and that it wasn’t a matter of domination. He said: “Yes, actually immensely, I don’t know if all of us realize how special this year was.”

“Of course we have the record with 15 wins from Max. That is really special. Usually such victories come from dominance but the most special thing of all is Max hasn’t dominated.

“The last few races looked easy but he still had to fight for it and even started the season with a bit of adversity.

“When you look at all the races won that way, then that is very special. Every motorsport enthusiast should be grateful that you are part of this generation.”

Verstappen won the title despite having two fewer pole positions than Charles Leclerc, who ended the season in second place on the drivers’ standings. Verstappen occasionally recovered on Sundays to win races.

Lammers said: “I think what he’s done this year is just the Max he’s been since he was 14, 15 or 16. Of course you learn to distribute your efforts better during the weekend.”

“You often want to be the fastest in the first round on Friday. But people who are getting older just realize that they only have to be three feet ahead and that’s Sunday afternoon.

“Max is someone who is always there and always on. George Russell comes closest in that regard. He is also a constant performer. Statistically it was Max’s best season, but I think he’s always been like that.”

The ex-F1 driver praised Red Bull and Verstappen for working so hard to overcome the shortfall and win the World Championship. He added: “From both his team and him. If you make up the score after three races, the philosophy is that only rest can save you. So keep your head calm and make your analyses soberly.”

“In the end, it’s just choosing the right thought and take the right actions. That determines whether you overcome your success. Red Bull has done that from their potential.”