Eddie Jordan: Max Verstappen’s Dominance Bore Him More Than Schumacher’s Era.

adrian newey x max verstappen canadian gp podium

Former racing driver Eddie Jordan candidly admits to an overwhelming sense of boredom caused by Max Verstappen’s unparalleled supremacy in the sport, likening it to a time more monotonous than the iconic Michael Schumacher era.

Verstappen, a force to be reckoned with, has remarkably claimed victory in a staggering 21 out of the last 30 races, steadily propelling himself towards an unprecedented third consecutive drivers’ championship in the highly anticipated F1 2023 season.

Harking back to the early 2000s, Schumacher’s stranglehold on the racing world was undeniable, clinching an extraordinary five consecutive titles. Yet, his absolute dominion often coincided with a period many considered the least enthralling in the annals of the sport’s history.

During an engaging discussion on the Formula For Success podcast, the motorsport figure Eddie Jordan revealed his insightful perspective on why Max Verstappen’s era of triumphs surpasses even the monotonous reign of Michael Schumacher.

In the latest episode, Jordan delved into the captivating intricacies of Verstappen’s dominance, shedding light on the remarkable aspects that render it more wearisome than Schumacher’s era of triumphs.

“Max Verstappen will emerge over time to be the greatest driver of all time. He’s that good.

“I don’t like the last couple of races, I have to tell you. I’m bored to death with him. He’s just that good. He’s making it boring, more so than the Schumacher era.”

Unparalleled in their performance, Red Bull Racing has emerged victorious in all eight races this year, presenting an unprecedented opportunity to etch their name in Formula 1 history as the very first team to conquer every single race of a season.

While the prospect of Red Bull attaining invincibility in 2023 looms tantalizingly close, team principal Christian Horner maintains a grounded perspective, refraining from getting swept away by the notion.

“We just take things one race at a time, and I don’t think you let your mind drift too far into the future – so many things can go wrong,” Horner said.

“Can we? Yes. Will we? Who knows? Because there’s so many variables in this game and we’re just taking things one race at a time.

“The team are doing an incredible job, Max is driving out of his skin as well at the moment, so just collectively the group are doing a tremendous job.”