Eddie Jordan: Lewis Hamilton Deemed ‘Too Old’ for Verstappen Duel.

Former Formula 1 team principal Eddie Jordan asserts that the substantial age gap of 13 years between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton would give Verstappen a distinct advantage, even if both drivers shared the same team.

Both Verstappen and Hamilton are acknowledged as the top F1 talents on the current grid.

The intense rivalry between these two drivers came to a climax in the 2021 Formula 1 season, culminating in Verstappen narrowly besting the Mercedes driver at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

As Verstappen continues his dominant run with Red Bull, speculation arises about a hypothetical showdown between the two in equivalent machinery.

The subject has generated significant discussion, especially considering Hamilton’s contract expiration at the conclusion of the F1 2023 season, leading to speculations of a potential departure from Mercedes.

Eddie Jordan and former F1 driver David Coulthard delved into this matter in a recent episode of the Formula For Success podcast.

“What do you think right now that Lewis is too old to go head-to-head with Max?” Coulthard asked.

In response to Coulthard’s question, Eddie Jordan remarked: “Yes. I think he will still win grands prix but he will need certain things to fall in place with him.

“Max is at the sweet spot for age, experience, belief, knowledge, the people he’s been around with the team and I think in the same car, right at this moment as we speak with the same ages it has to be Max.”

On the other hand, Coulthard held a contrasting perspective on the matter, asserting that the seven-time champion retains the capability to excel at the highest level.

“I still reckon Lewis has got it. If they were in the same team there would be some contact. It would be Prost-Senna,” said the former Red Bull driver.

David Coulthard defended his point stating: “Look, I’ve got to say that Max has got to have the edge. Lewis would appear to be a busy boy off the track with all of his passions.

“And as we know, Max when he is off track is very much focused on his simulator, e-gaming team and he’s all totally immersed with anything to do with driving.”