Dutch IMSA Driver Believes Hamilton Has Ran Out Of Luck And Momentum As He Ages.

Renger van der Zande. a Dutch IMSA driver, thinks Lewis Hamilton has “doubts in his driving” this year and wonders if the Englishman has “lost momentum” as he continues to age.

Though there was a fierce challenge for the title between Hamilton and Max Verstappen that went all the way to the conclusion of the last season, the Dutchman seems to have sailed smoothly to clinch his second championship this year.

Verstappen sealed the deal in the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, thus, renewing the title of being the reigning champion with four races left after winning his 12th race out of the previous 18 races of the 2022 season.

Whereas the Dutchman has improved, Hamilton, his main 2021 rival, has regressed, although it would be fair to suggest that Mercedes is responsible for that. Hamilton will finish a season without a race victory for the first time in his F1 career unless he wins in one of the next four Grands Prix.

As per Formule1, van der Zande said: “It’s funny now to see the difference between Max and Lewis Hamilton,”

“I have often said in recent years Hamilton has the luck of a champion. That you just hit something with a wing, but it doesn’t break. You can now also see that kind of happiness at moments when it matters.

“A champion’s luck is like being in a casino on a roll, everything is just fine. That you are fourth, but the number one and two collide and you still win.

“Or you do an impossible overtaking action that still succeeds, also because people drive against you differently since you dominate.

“When Max drives behind someone, everyone knows he’ll pass, it won’t be long. But with his team-mate Sergio Perez they think they might have that one.

“When you are in such a flow, you see that the energy comes from all sides. It also becomes easier as a dominant driver.”

Verstappen has been dominant this season, taking home 12 victories while barely making any mistakes. His effectiveness is quite similar to that of Hamilton’s before this season. Hamilton has won six of the previous eight World Championships.

Renger van der Zande added: “You’re going to over do it less. You’re on the limit, but you have that confidence that you’re strong, so everything doesn’t feel as tight.”

“Instead of squeezing out that half-tenth when entering a corner and then losing two-tenths on the exit, it creates a balance.

“Everything seems to go easier. Seems because it’s never really easy. It is extremely difficult to get into such a winning rhythm and everything has to be right every time to stay in it. That’s why it’s never boring when you dominate.

“Periods of dominance, only the Hamiltons, Fernando Alonsos, Ayrton Sennas and now Max have been given. Guys from a different class, who have that little bit extra that allows them to get a tenth more out in qualifying and still be just further up the front at the start.

“Guys who make bolder moves, because what’s daring for one person isn’t for someone like Max. In addition, these types of champions rarely have off-weekends.”

Returning to his argument regarding Hamilton, the 36-year-old said: “I don’t think it’s cool to see, but you wonder if he’s over the top.”

“His car is less, but his overtakes are no longer as convincing as before, you see doubt in his driving. Perhaps a combination of age and that he has lost momentum.

“Max, on the other hand, is so confident that he can make decisive actions and has a way out if it doesn’t work out.

“At the same time you know, even with all the good results, that the weather will be bad. After sun comes rain, and vice versa. I have often experienced this myself and Max will also have it in the back of his mind.

“So are the sports and the casino…”