Damon Hill Slams Toto Wolff’s ‘Wikipedia’ Remark on Verstappen’s F1 Feat

Damon Hill has expressed his view on Max Verstappen’s impressive new F1 record, deeming Toto Wolff’s dismissal of it as a “Wikipedia” statistic that “nobody reads” a tad ungracious, especially considering Wolff’s usual sportsmanship.

Verstappen etched his name into Formula 1 history at the Italian Grand Prix, securing his remarkable 10th consecutive Grand Prix victory while leading his Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez.

It’s worth noting that even during Mercedes’ dominant era, they couldn’t achieve such a streak, with Nico Rosberg’s longest run being seven wins, and Lewis Hamilton managing five wins on two occasions.

However, in a season where many opposing team leaders acknowledge that Verstappen isn’t always given the recognition he rightfully deserves for his remarkable achievements, Wolff’s recent comments appeared to cast a shadow on the 25-year-old’s latest record.

The 1996 World Champion Hill has criticised Toto Wolff for downplaying Max Verstappen’s record-breaking 10 consecutive F1 wins, calling it a “Wikipedia” stat.

Wolff’s comments, seen as dismissive, sparked debate amid recognition issues for Verstappen’s achievements, as Mercedes struggles in the 2023 season.

Damon on Sky Sports stated: “It sounded a bit churlish and not very gracious, and unlike Toto, because he’s usually very sporting.”

“I think he’s hurting a bit now,” Hill continued. “They know what it’s like to be dominated and they didn’t even get on the podium.

“They seem to be a bit stymied and can’t seem to work out what to do, but who can? Ferrari did a great job in Monza – it suited their car, I think – but it seems like everywhere we go, the Red Bull has got the upper hand and we’ve just got to sit and watch this unfold.

“Can Red Bull win every race in the season? That’s not beyond the realms of possibility.”