Cashgate Saga: Rich Energy Congratulates Hamilton As The Winner Of The 2021 Championship.

Red Bull was discovered to have overspent by a small amount the previous year after an official revelation by Formula 1 following the issuance of the certificates of compliance to all the teams on Monday.

Rich Energy, a British beverage company, thinks that Lewis Hamilton deserves to be declared the winner of the 2021 season following the revelation that Red Bull exceeded the budget cap for the previous season.

The knighted Britishman and Max Verstappen engaged in a race for the ages last season, with the Dutchman emerging victorious after a controversial conclusion of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Michael Masi, the now-former race director, ordered the Safety Car restart, which upset Hamilton, Mercedes, and their fans. There have been petitions from supporters all over the world to have the result overturned. The recent revelation that Red Bull and Aston Martin have exceeded the budget cap in 2021 has only served to emphasize this once again.

Initially, most headlines claimed that the Austrian-based outfit’s spending exceeded the $145 million budget by more than 5%; however, the FIA clarified on Monday that the expenditure was not substantial.

Although it is unlikely that a minor financial regulation breach will result in disqualification from the championship, there is still a chance that points may be taken away. Also, a fine may be levied as well, depending on the circumstances of the overspending and whether any mitigating factors exist.

At the Japanese Grand Prix last weekend, Hamilton demanded “transparency” from the FIA about the precise amount of any overspending by any teams, but the governing body has not yet disclosed that figure.

When the financial rules were approved in 2019, Ross Brawn, the managing director of Formula 1, remarked that they had “teeth,” implying that violators would incur severe penalties.

When Rich Energy entered Formula One in 2019, they sought to build a rivalry with Red Bull, however, their partnership with Haas collapsed, leading to their departure after only a half season with the American team.

William Storey, the company’s founder and CEO, has subsequently made hints about a comeback to the pinnacle of motorsport as the company routinely offers commentary on significant F1 issues to date.

In a tweet on Monday, they congratulated Hamilton on winning his eighth world championship the previous season and included a clip of Brawn’s remark from a press conference before the 2019 US Grand Prix.

Verstappen won his second straight title last weekend in Suzuka after taking first place. The FIA is now finalizing a penalty for the respective teams after Aston Martin was also discovered to have breached a procedure in their paperwork.