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Artificial Renault engine boost could ‘ruin F1’ – Wolff

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff voiced strong concerns over the idea of granting Renault special privileges to enhance their engine power, stating it could have detrimental consequences for Formula 1.

The F1 Commission recently dismissed Alpine’s proposal to permit them to run with higher-than-allowed fuel flow rates, a measure intended to bridge the performance gap.

Reportedly, Renault claims to be trailing Mercedes, Honda, and Ferrari by as much as 30 horsepower, with independent FIA checks corroborating a deficit of at least 22hp.

Despite the acknowledgement of a “notable performance gap” between Alpine’s engine and others on the grid, the F1 Commission rejected Renault’s request for a special fuel flow rate.

Consequently, the matter has been referred to the Power Unit Advisory Committee to address “ways to remedy this discrepancy.”

Wolff firmly opposes any artificial or manipulative actions, like the fuel flow proposal, emphasizing that such measures should never be permitted.

Speaking to Sport1, he described it as a potential “disaster” that could “ruin Formula 1.”

“The essence of sport lies in its integrity,” asserted the Austrian. “Success is earned through hard work.”

Despite his reservations, Wolff acknowledged the possibility of F1 offering support to Renault to close the performance gap.

“Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the performance shortfall, we can engage in discussions about providing additional dyno hours and jokers,” shared the Mercedes team boss and co-owner.

“That’s a topic we need to explore. However, any adjustments involving fuel flow or ‘balance of performance’ would be catastrophic, tantamount to a declaration of bankruptcy for Formula 1.”