Adrian Newey Reveals Surprising Retirement Decision.

For more than three decades, Adrian Newey has elevated the world of Formula 1, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. He stands as the brilliant mastermind behind the RB19 car, a true force dominating the entire F1 grid in this exhilarating season.

Red Bull’s 2023 contender has triumphed in every race thus far, establishing an unassailable lead over its rivals. With such dominance, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the constructors’ title is all but guaranteed, and there’s a strong argument to be made for the drivers’ title as well.

This isn’t the first occasion where Newey has crafted a car that has left the competition in utter dismay. In fact, he has a remarkable track record of constructing ten championship-winning cars, beginning with the awe-inspiring FW14B in 1992. At the age of 64, one could understand if he were tempted to pursue fresh challenges or channel his exceptional talents into a different realm or industry.

Despite hailing from Stratford-upon-Avon, the esteemed designer remains resolute when confronted with the idea of retirement. He firmly expresses his desire to persist in his current role, asserting that he will only step away when he ceases to find joy in his work.

“My ambition was always to work in motor racing,” said Red Bull’s Chief Technical Officer on the team’s Talking Bull podcast. “Achieved that, and I know that sounds a bit corny, but every day since then, has been a bonus.

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with great people in terms of my fellow engineers at Red Bull and at previous teams. Christian, the drivers, some great drivers over the years… So you know, it’s been great. Overall I’ve had a wonderful time.

“In terms of okay now, I’m 64, so when when do I stop? That’s that’s the interesting one. When I was kind of in my forties, I always thought 60 will be enough and that’s it, I’ll be out of here and I’ll be lying on a beach. But then I now know myself well enough to know that I’d get quite bored.”

Newey takes pleasure in engaging himself in various other pursuit.

“I think maybe at some point probably to just pull back from Formula 1 and get involved in other things.

“I enjoyed doing the Valkyrie project that became the Valkyrie Aston Martin (the limited production hybrid sports car). I’ve been working on the RB17 (a two-seat hypercar optimised for “the ultimate on-track driving experience” designed by Red Bull) as a sort of weekend project, well it’s a bit more than weekend project.

“So I do enjoy being involved in other things as well now.”

Eventually, when the allure of those “other things” becomes irresistible or he chooses to embrace the tranquility of a sandy beach, Formula 1 will undoubtedly feel the void left by his absence, and Red Bull will particularly feel the impact.

Yet, for now, it appears that Adrian Newey is firmly rooted in the present, determined to forge ahead and assist his teams in conquering F1 in a manner unparalleled by any designer in the sport’s illustrious history.