2024 Red Bull Car Surpasses Previous Speed Records, Says Verstappen

Max Verstappen cautiously refrained from forecasting a fourth consecutive Formula One world title, yet acknowledged that Red Bull’s latest car the RB20 represents an improvement over the team’s historically dominant 2023 model.

Last season, Verstappen set a new benchmark with 18 victories, with Red Bull securing wins in nearly every race.

The RB20, the team’s newest vehicle, showcases a drastic departure in design from its forerunner, yet Verstappen quickly demonstrated formidable speed on Wednesday.

Competing teams now view Red Bull as the frontrunners for the 2024 season, estimating they could be nearly half a second faster per lap—a considerable gap by Formula One standards.

When questioned on Friday about the new car’s performance, Verstappen humorously remarked: “If it would have been worse then we did a very bad job!”

“For sure the car is better than last year’s car, but I think everyone on the grid has a better car than last year.

“The team believes with how the car is at the moment there is more potential to find. That’s now for us to unlock.”

The preseason testing is over and the spotlight is now back on team principal Christian Horner, who is currently under investigation for alleged inappropriate conduct.

ESPN indicate that a verdict on the investigation is anticipated early next week, just before the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix on March 2.

While Horner has described the investigation as a potential distraction for the team’s forthcoming season, Verstappen has stated that it has not adversely affected their preparation efforts.

“I can’t speak about things,” Verstappen said on the matter.

“It’s better that I just focus on my own performance because that’s already a day job.

“But I guess of course, for everyone, it [will be] nice when things are resolved but that’s the only thing I can say about that.

“Everyone who is here, they are all focusing on the performance of the car, as they should, and what is their role. Everyone is very focused on making the whole package faster.”

Addressing the car’s performance, the debut specification of the RB20 has set the benchmark in Bahrain, with numerous competitors identifying Red Bull as the leader in pre-season assessments.

Although it’s premature to make definitive judgments before any competitive laps have been completed, Verstappen is confident that his new car has yet to reveal its full potential.

“Well, the team believes that, with how the car is at the moment, that there is more potential to find, I guess, so that’s now up to us to unlock,” he said.