Wolff Targeted for ‘Political Grandstanding’

An unidentified Formula 1 head has taken issue with Mercedes team principal and co-owner Toto Wolff for “political grandstanding”.

A feature in BusinessF1 magazine highlighted that Wolff has been “disruptive” in recent F1 Commission sessions – even showing a tendency to have one stance before a gathering and a differing one during the event itself.

Issues where Wolff’s indecision is notable reportedly revolve around debates concerning team capital expenditure limits and the 2026 engine regulations.

The piece noted that while several team leaders have caught on to Wolff’s antics, none are ready to speak on record.

One anonymous team chief remarked, “He is all smiles and in agreement with us and then goes back on it in the meetings”.

“Toto is well regarded by many of us and his views have weight, but we all find it (the behaviour) very strange,” the unnamed team boss added.

“I am sure this is political grandstanding by Toto as it is in his interests to come round to his own point of view – as stupid as that sounds.”