Vettel Keeps Lines Open with Red Bull Squad

Sebastian Vettel might be considering a dramatic re-entry into Formula 1, hints Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko.

This past weekend, the four-time world champion, now retired, paraded his 2011 championship Red Bull at the Nurburgring, heaping praise on the formidable performance of the squad’s current top racer, Max Verstappen.

“One can only applaud,” the 36-year-old German told Sportschau.

“The performance of the entire team, but especially that of Max, who does it so consistently every weekend, is great. It’s a level showing how far away the competition is.

“You have to acknowledge that and take the position that it’s great that we can watch.”

Having formerly raced for Aston Martin, Vettel acknowledged that he’s still in touch with several from the Red Bull team.

“There is still an exchange going on,” he revealed. “The boys have a lot to do and do a lot of travelling, but I know them all. I’m in contact, occasionally on the phone.

“I’m still somewhat involved.”

Considering the roles of Vettel and Verstappen in F1, Marko senses the German might think about a return.

“Sebastian isn’t working on anything in particular at the moment and I’m not sure he knows what exactly he wants,” he told Servus TV.

“However, I do not believe that the driving chapter is completely closed for him.”

Marko, an octogenarian, isn’t keen on placing Vettel alongside Verstappen and also downplayed the prospect of him landing an Alpha Tauri seat.

“The contracts we have will continue for a while,” he said. “It would also not be an easy decision for him, because Formula 1 will continue to use fossil fuels.

“Motorsport is still about combustion engines and gasoline, so that would be difficult for him to reconcile. But if he sees things going in the right direction, I don’t see why not.”