Verstappen’s Secret Overtake Move on Hamilton at Hungarian GP Revealed.

Max Verstappen explained how he managed to overtake Lewis Hamilton at the start of the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, leading to a record-breaking victory for Red Bull, his ninth win of the season, and seventh consecutive win.

Hamilton, starting from pole position, was outmaneuvered by Verstappen at Turn 1, causing him to drop to fourth place behind McLaren drivers Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris.

Having successfully passed his title rival from the 2021 season, Verstappen went on to achieve a remarkable series of victories.

He secured his ninth win of the current season, marking the seventh consecutive win and setting a new record with Red Bull’s 12th consecutive victory.

During the race, Verstappen shared insights into his brief encounter with Hamilton with various media outlets, including RacingNews365: “As soon as I released the clutch, immediately I felt like I had good bite, no wheelspin like in Silverstone.

“I had a good run, then I knew I had the inside and that was going to be my corner in Turn 1,” he added.

“We braked quite late but then yeah, did my thing through Turn 2 as well, and from then onwards, I could just build up the pace slowly.

“They are very rare, days like this.

“I think last year, Spa, for example, was probably pretty similar – but then of course I had to start from the back, so yeah, it is very rare. Normally, it’s not that easy or straightforward.”

Adding to his achievements, Verstappen secured his 44th career F1 victory, reaching the same milestone as Hamilton’s iconic race number, #44.

“Hopefully, I don’t stay on 44. That would be terrible. I need to get 45 quickly,” joked Verstappen.

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