Verstappen Stays Calm Amid Red Bull Concerns

Red Bull plans to develop its own power unit for the upcoming 2026 Formula 1 season under new regulations, but concerns have been raised about potential delays in the project.

Max Verstappen has addressed these concerns, expressing calmness regarding Red Bull’s power unit construction for the 2026 campaign.

Red Bull has initiated the establishment of its engine department to manufacture power units for the forthcoming era, characterized by increased electrical output and the elimination of the MGU-H component.

This new division has forged a partnership with Ford, and the power units are slated to be utilized by both Red Bull and its sister RB team.

However, speculation has emerged suggesting that the project may be lagging behind schedule compared to competitors, potentially prompting Verstappen to consider leaving the team prematurely.

Verstappen, however, dismissed these speculations, stating, “If I have to speculate about everything… I might be worried if I’m still alive tomorrow, right? I don’t really worry about that too much.

“Of course, I am in close contact with Christian [Horner, Red Bull team principal] about that and the people working there.

“Everyone’s working flat out, so there is no need to panic about that. It’s still not 2026.”

Horner previously stated that building its power unit is the most significant challenge Red Bull has encountered in its history.

Verstappen echoed Horner’s sentiment but emphasized the team’s enthusiasm for its potential.

“We know that it is a very big task, we don’t take that lightly,” Verstappen further stated.

“And with so many well-established engine manufacturers, we also don’t think it’s going to be easy to beat them.

“But we have a lot of good people working on the project and we’re very excited about it. So time will tell, of course, where it’s going to be.”