Verstappen: “I’ve been struggling the whole weekend.”

Max Verstappen candidly expressed his frustration after the qualifying session, feeling they were “all over the shop” this weekend.

His remarkable streak of five consecutive pole positions was halted by a determined Lewis Hamilton, who narrowly outperformed him in the qualifying session.

In a bid to reclaim their dominance, Red Bull unveiled a significant upgrade for their car this weekend.

However, initial indications hinted at the possibility of them trailing further behind the chasing pack, adding to the pressure and intensity of the race.

“I’ve been struggling the whole weekend to find a good balance – every session has been up and down. Today also in qualifying, it was really difficult. Q1, Q2 to feel confident, to really attack corners,” said the Red Bull driver after the qualifying session.

“I thought my first run in Q3 was quite good, but then second run, again no feeling. I tried to push a little more – you lose the rear, lose the front.

“We’re still second, but I think we should be ahead with the car we have normally, but so far this weekend I think we haven’t been on it.

“I think the update works, but I think we just really didn’t put everything together setup-wise because I just think today everything has just been all over the shop and not exactly where we wanted to be.”