Verstappen Drops Hint of Frustration with Teammate Perez’s Qualifying Struggles.

In yet another stellar performance, Max Verstappen clinched an impressive pole position, further enhancing his growing accolades.

However, Sergio Perez, unfortunately, faced another setback as he made an untimely exit from the qualifying session due to a strategic misstep.

This unfortunate turn of events marked the fifth consecutive time that Perez fell short of reaching Q3, significantly impacting Red Bull’s aspirations of securing a one-two finish in the races.

During his conversation with the Dutch media, Verstappen’s remarks seemingly hinted at a critique of his teammate’s qualifying outcome at the illustrious Silverstone circuit.

“I don’t know why it went wrong today, but of course, with our car, you have to get into Q3,” he said.

When asked about the potential reasons behind his teammate’s struggles, Verstappen responded candidly: “You have to ask Helmut [Marko] or Christian [Horner] about that.

“We are fighting for the team championship, but I think I can do that alone at the moment.”

Verstappen’s remarkable performance this season is highlighted by his impressive tally of 229 points. In a stunning display of dominance, this surpasses the cumulative score of the second-placed team in the standings, Mercedes, who have accumulated 178 World Championship points thus far.

With Sergio Perez facing ongoing struggles, Red Bull finds itself with an array of options should it choose to explore potential replacements for the future.

One intriguing prospect is the return of Daniel Ricciardo, who has openly expressed his desire to reunite with his former team. Throughout this season, Ricciardo has been frequently spotted on Red Bull’s pit wall, fueling speculation about his ultimate goal.

“He’s doing a good job in the simulator, but you know, that’s not something I’m amazed about either,” said the Dutchman.

“He obviously had some difficult years at McLaren, but you don’t lose your talent. He also has a lot of experience. I think he’s just comfortable with us at the moment.

“I also know Daniel very well, so we can talk about a lot of things.”


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