Vasseur Confirms Ferrari’s Focus on Developing 2024 Car.

Ferrari has set its sights on designing and manufacturing a brand-new Formula 1 car for the upcoming 2024 season.

Carlos Sainz, speaking at a sponsored event in London, expressed his optimism after a challenging start to the current season, stating that Ferrari has made notable improvements to the 2023 car.

Sainz emphasized that Ferrari’s ultimate objective is to regain its competitive edge and once again contend for podium finishes and victories.

Nevertheless, team principal Frederic Vasseur suggests that the realization of these aspirations might be delayed.

“Certainly the main factor is the budget cap,” the Frenchman told the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

“It does not allow for the creation of a new project as probably would have happened a couple of years ago. It means that you have to adapt your project to the situation and in these conditions I think we have made a good step forward.

“We must also consider that the regulations are much more prescriptive than before and it is quite difficult to make a big step forward in the course of a season,” Vasseur added.

“As far as we are concerned, we are already working on next year’s project and trying to correct the direction.”