Toto Wolff Suffers Fractured Elbow in Mountain Bike Mishap

Toto Wolff, the head of the Mercedes F1 team, faced an unfortunate incident when he had a mountain bike accident in Austria, resulting in a fractured left elbow.

F1 Academy racing manager Susie Wolff and wife to the Austrian shared the news on social media, along with pictures of their family holiday in the Austrian mountains, where the mishap occurred.

In her social media post, Sussie Wolff’s caption read: “Action packed start to the summer holidays. Last picture shows how the downhill mountain biking ended for Toto…”

As reported by Planet F1, Toto Wolff experienced a fractured elbow due to the incident. The accident occurred on Monday, shortly after the conclusion of the Belgian Grand Prix.

Despite the injury, no further details were disclosed about any specific complications, indicating that Wolff is expected to have a smooth and swift recovery during the remaining two weeks of F1’s summer break.

The 51-year-old was spotted wearing a full-length cast on his left arm, but with proper care and rest, he should be back in action soon.