The Mother Of Max Verstappen Takes Down A Post Accusing Sergio Perez Of Having An Extramarital Affair.

Max Verstappen’s mother, Sophie Kumpen, aims at Sergio Perez by commenting on the allegations he faced, which suggested that he engaged in an extramarital affair earlier in the year, before swiftly taking down the post.

There may be a possibility that the rift between Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen may get worse because the mother of the defending F1 world champion entered the fray. Sophie Kumpen, an ex-wife of Jos Verstappen and a former champion go-kart racer, couldn’t resist throwing some shade after the incident at the São Paulo Grand Prix.

Perez was reasonably irritated when his desire to come second in the driver standings this season seemed to be hampered by the refusal of his driving partner, who had already secured his second world championship.

Verstappen has received a lot of criticism for the unusual behaviour, but things got personal this week when Kumpen posted something on Instagram. She responded to a post about Perez with a since-deleted comment in which she accused Perez of adultery when she said: “And then in the evening cheating on his wife.”

The comment seemed to relate to another issue from May when footage of Perez celebrating his win at the Monaco Grand Prix with unidentified ladies made the rounds on social media.

Perez was compelled to issue a public apology to his wife, Carola Martinez when the Mexican star was spotted dancing with his hands on one lady and their faces near to one another. He said: “It was a bad party that I didn’t know how to control at the height of the person that I am, but it was just that, a very bad party,”

“People close to me know my values and the type of person that I am. For those who ask me, we are more united than ever, me and my wife.”

“And for those who just want to hurt us, I wish you the best. Thank you all for your love and I apologize to all the people who love me because those videos don’t represent me not at all. We will not talk about this topic anymore, which only makes us forget the great moment we are living as a family. Thank you.”

Verstappen’s unwillingness to surrender the sixth place in Sao Paulo was questioned by the engineering team, to which Perez responded that his teammate had “shown who he really is.”

As Red Bull’s Number 2 driver, Perez has been a loyal assistant to the Dutchman since migrating to the Austrian-based team in 2021 and is certainly going to take Kumpen’s remarks very personally.

The deleted Instagram post by Sophie Kumpen accuses Perez of adultery.

On social media, most F1 fans appeared to largely support Perez, with one user labelling the most recent incident as “shameful.” Some people were quick to point out to Kumpen that there had previously been rumours that her son had been dating Kelly Piquet while she was still with his ex-teammate Daniil Kvyat, with whom she had a daughter.

Third-placed Perez enters the season finale in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix equal with Charles Leclerc on points after Verstappen failed to assist him in Sao Paulo. However, the Ferrari driver, who has the advantage in race victories, will come in second if the two drivers finish on Sunday with the same number of points.

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