Tensions Mount at Ferrari: Leclerc’s Blunt Slam on Sainz’s ‘Totally Useless’ Radio Message.

Tensions rise at Ferrari as Charles Leclerc’s comments hint at a brewing internal conflict during the British Grand Prix.

The Monegasque driver and his Scuderia teammate, Carlos Sainz, found themselves in disagreement during the qualifying session at Silverstone regarding which car would take the lead on track.

Typically, the team pre-determines the order for qualifying, with the positions often alternating from one weekend to the next. However, this time, the disagreement suggests a potential shift in the established agreement.

In a tense moment during the qualifying session, Carlos Sainz took matters into his own hands as he feared being eliminated, overtaking Charles Leclerc in the pitlane while the drivers queued to get on track.

Although the correct order was restored at the final corner of the out laps, Sainz expressed his dissatisfaction over the team radio, voicing concerns about feeling more exposed to the drop zone compared to Leclerc.

“What you asked me to do there is a bit unfair, it made me lose the temperature of the tyres. Plus I’m more at risk. I’m fourth, he’s third,” said the Spaniard.

After the qualifying session, Charles Leclerc branded his teammate’s radio message as ‘totally useless’ signifying the growing tension.

“What happened in the pitlane was expected, because we always try to get the cars out at the same time, to then manage them in the better way,” said Leclerc.

“Then on the track we found ourselves a bit tight on times and it was difficult to understand if we would be able to start the lap before the checkered flag.

“Carlos decided to overtake, which is not ideal and we will discuss it. But still, this action had no influence on qualifying and it’s not a problem.

“Of course, I understand that with the adrenaline in the car you don’t know if you’re going to make it, but his radio team was totally useless.”

Furthermore, speculations are surfacing in the Italian media regarding a potential replacement for the Spaniard within the team with Alexander Albon’s name having been circulating as a potential successor.

Notably, teammate Leclerc has garnered favour within the team, as confirmed by team boss Frederic Vasseur. These observations have been reported by Spanish media outlets, including Marca.