Stewart Skeptical of Hamilton Claiming Eighth F1 Championship

Ex-three-time world champion and Formula 1 luminary Sir Jackie Stewart questions whether Lewis Hamilton will secure another championship title.

Speaking to German publication Sport Bild, Stewart outlined that Hamilton’s waning “hunger,” particularly after tying the record with seven world championships that concluded with his defeat to Max Verstappen in 2021, plays a role.

“It also depends on Mercedes,” Stewart, aged 84, noted when queried on Hamilton’s chances for another win.

“It’s not impossible, but I still don’t think he’ll make it. And I don’t think, despite the rumours about Ferrari – that he will change teams again.

“Lewis is one of the best to ever drive in Formula 1,” the Scottish icon conceded, “but the reality is that over the past ten years he’s been part of a squad that basically faced little opposition.

“That’s why he’s struggling now – and because the car isn’t as potent as it once was.”

Turning his attention to the presumed third-time consecutive world champion Verstappen, Stewart believes that the 25-year-old Dutch driver’s improvement arc is nearing its plateau.

“I don’t see much room for improvement,” Stewart expressed. “Whether it’s raining, it’s windy or its hot, Max extracts the ultimate performance from the car each occasion.”

However, he disputes the idea that Verstappen has made the sport uninteresting.

“I don’t find it boring at all,” he countered.

“Sure, the world championship is settled, but the competition behind that remains intense.”

Yet Stewart maintains that Verstappen had it somewhat easier to clinch his three titles in contrast to Stewart’s own championship era in the 1970s.

“There are a lot more races now,” he pointed out. “When I first became world champion in 1969, the season consisted of just eleven grands prix.

“But with a schedule of 22 races, one can afford an off weekend and still be in contention for the championship.”

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  1. Declaraciones bastante caprichosas. Ponerle un moño a Hamilton y afirmar que casi le resultará imposible un octavo título, es muy mezquino de su parte. No hacer mención al campeonato que le robaron en 2021, lo ubica en el campo de la parcialidad a favor de Verstappen, lo que resulta doblemente sospechoso. Su objetividad se ve sesgada por cierto favoritismo hacia Max, muy bien disimulado, por cierto. Creo que en el mundo de la F1, ser piloto y negro sigue siendo un problema para los pilotos, la FIA, las escuderías y gran parte de la afición. Gracias a Dios, Lewis ha sabido sortear el racismo con profesionalismo, humildad y sencillez, cualidades que lo han hecho el mejor de todos los tiempos.

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