Sky’s Ted Kravitz Reveals Surprising Twist in Red Bull’s Cost Cap Penalty.

Red Bull’s unrivalled dominance and proactive approach to next year’s car development may shield them from the repercussions of their F1 cost cap breach, according to Sky’s commentator, Ted Kravitz.

While Max Verstappen secured his second consecutive F1 championship in a stunning display last year, Red Bull faced consequences for exceeding the 2021 cost cap.

They endured a hefty $7 million fine and, significantly, a 10 percent reduction in wind tunnel time for the current season.

However, fueled by their remarkable momentum from the previous year, Red Bull has been unstoppable in 2023, claiming victory in every grand prix thus far.

Their unrelenting success has allowed them to shift their focus early on developing their 2024 car, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to maintaining their competitive edge.

Sky’s Kravitz explained: “Horner said, ‘We are already designing, and spending our time, on next year’s car, the RB20’.

“They have already got the advantage with this year’s car. We aren’t even at half-way in the season.

“Already, they can have the capacity and the aerodynamic testing time and the wind tunnel time – even considering the penalty for the cost cap – to concentrate on next year’s car.

“So it’s a virtuous circle, having such a good car this year. It might end up that the cost cap breach agreement, the penalty of 10 percent less wind tunnel time, might not end up as a penalty at all.

“Because if they can start now on next year’s car, it won’t be a penalty at all, is it? So all that hullabaloo at the end of last year? It looks like it won’t affect Red Bull at all.”

With an impressive performance, Verstappen claimed the top spot on the podium, leaving Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton trailing in his wake.

Not only did Verstappen extend his lead in the F1 standings by a remarkable 69 points, but his teammate Sergio Perez continues to chase him relentlessly.

Adding to their legacy of dominance, the Milton Keynes-based team celebrated a monumental milestone as they secured their 100th grand prix victory, solidifying their legendary status in the world of Formula One.

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