The game-changing track alterations at the Singapore GP threaten Max Verstappen’s 11th win streak.

Max Verstappen’s curiosity is piqued by the profound influence the track alterations at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix will exert on the entire Formula 1 grid.

In a bold move for 2023, Turns 16-19 have undergone a transformative makeover, giving way to a high-speed stretch that seamlessly connects Turns 15 with the previous Turn 20—a medium-speed right-hander. This dramatic shift promises to revolutionize the race dynamics.

However, a significant twist awaits the drivers and teams as the iconic snaking route under the grandstand will remain inaccessible in 2023 due to ongoing construction activities. This newly introduced section of track is poised to shave almost 20 seconds off lap times, presenting a formidable challenge for all competitors.

The ripple effect of these changes will be keenly felt in car setups, as teams will be forced to rethink their strategies. With the potential overtaking hotspot of Turn 16, though sans the aid of DRS on the new section, teams will be treading a fine line between speed and control.

Despite the uncertainties and challenges, Max Verstappen, who aspires to secure his 11th consecutive victory, eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of these track alterations, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the race.

“I’m looking forward to the night race in Singapore, Marina Bay is a cool circuit,” he explained.

“This year it will be interesting to see how the revised track layout will impact the general behaviour and set up of the car, I think the lap times will be much quicker.

“Singapore is probably going to be the most challenging weekend out of the upcoming races as the stakes are heightened on a street circuit and the field is usually very close, not to mention the heat and humidity.

“Last year we had a very unlucky weekend, hopefully this year it will go a bit better and we’ll of course do our best to make sure we score maximum points this weekend.”

Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen’s teammate, enters the Singapore Grand Prix as the reigning champion at Marina Bay. This marks a momentous occasion for Perez as he celebrates his 250th Grand Prix start, a feat achieved by only eleven drivers in the history of Formula 1.

“Last season was probably one of the best races of my career, it was such a hard one to navigate, with the heat, the track conditions and the concentration that is required around a street circuit,” Perez said.

“Of course, I would love to repeat the win but it will be tricky, the new track layout is going to make things quicker in sector three and there will be rain, so it could be fun!

“This weekend is my 250th race in Formula 1 and I never would have imagined I would race an F1 car that many times when I started my career. It has been a dream and I am proud to have represented Mexico all over the world for this many years and I would love to give them another win this Sunday.