Sainz’s Next Move Linked to Father’s Red Bull Meeting

During the Formula 1 preseason trials in Bahrain, there was a notable sighting of Carlos Sainz’s father engaging in discussions with the leadership team of Red Bull Racing.

As Sainz looks for a fresh team for the 2025 season, following the announcement that Lewis Hamilton will be taking his place at Ferrari, the marketplace seems open for the accomplished driver.

Last season, Sainz stood out as the sole competitor outside of Red Bull to secure a victory at a Grand Prix event, indicating his high demand among teams.

Red Bull Racing has an available slot should they opt not to continue with Sergio Perez, and Mercedes is on the hunt for a driver to fill Hamilton’s shoes.

Sainz stated, “If you saw my dad go to say hello to Helmut Marko, you need to remember he has a great relationship with him.”

“In the same way, we have a good relationship with Toto Wolff.

“With everyone in the grid, it is normal at this stage of the year.

“We haven’t seen each other for three or four months, you are going to say hello to each other.”

Sainz is reportedly in close ties with Audi’s upcoming Formula 1 venture.

Until Audi officially joins the circuit in 2026, they’re operating under the Sauber banner.

Carlos Sainz Sr, his father, triumphed at the Dakar Rally behind the wheel of an Audi vehicle.

Sainz, currently with Ferrari, expressed his ambitions, stating he is in pursuit of a “project first that allows me to win and be performing as soon as possible” for the forthcoming season.

He continued: “Also, for sure, looking at stability.

“How important stability is in a project in the medium to long term.

“To build a strong team and a team to understand the driver, and the driver to understand the team.

“So, with those two things in mind, and those two things that you need to put into the equation, I will take my decision.

“Taking my time accordingly.”

“I need conversations with everyone to see what everyone offers, and what everyone has in mind.

“And then, with all the options in place, I will take what’s best for my career and for myself as an individual and as a driver.

“The good thing is that I have time.”