Sainz Talks About Exiting Ferrari in 2025

In his three race starts in 2024, Carlos Sainz has consistently found himself on the podium. However, he expresses frustration at the prospect of not continuing with Ferrari next year.

Despite this setback, he remains optimistic about joining a team capable of contending for the World title, a pursuit he is deeply invested in.

Sainz received the news of his departure from Ferrari back in January, with the team opting to sign Lewis Hamilton in his place. Despite facing uncertainty about his future, Sainz has risen admirably to the challenge.

Notably, he secured three podium finishes in as many race starts, including a remarkable victory in Australia.

His triumph in Australia is particularly noteworthy, considering it came just 16 days after undergoing an appendectomy that forced him to miss the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Not only is Sainz the only non-Red Bull driver to have won a race since 2022, but he also boasts a flawless podium record in 2024, a feat unmatched by any other driver.

Given his impressive performances, it’s understandable that Sainz harbors disappointment about the conclusion of his Ferrari tenure. Reflecting on his time with the team, he expressed regret that he won’t be able to continue working with his current group of engineers and mechanics beyond this season.

In an interview with DAZN following his third-place finish at the Japanese Grand Prix, Sainz lamented, “It’s a shame that I can’t continue at Ferrari next year looking at how good we are working with my group of engineers, mechanics. It’s a little bit annoying that I have to leave.

“But, on the other side I have the doors open to go to another team where I hope I can fight for that championship that I’ve been chasing with Ferrari during the last three, four years.

“So now it’s time to take important decisions. Everyone knows that I’m available and I’m fast! Let’s see what happens.”

Sainz’s remark about “fighting for that championship” could hold significance, especially considering the teams he’s rumored to be considering. While Audi is frequently mentioned, there’s also speculation about a potential move to Mercedes or Red Bull, with Aston Martin also in contention.

Currently, Sainz finds himself in a strong position, with one victory and two third-place finishes placing him fourth in the Drivers’ standings with 55 points. However, he trails championship leader Max Verstappen by 22 points.

Sainz remains optimistic about Ferrari’s prospects, expressing hope that if the team can make improvements of “two or three-tenths,” they will be able to consistently challenge Red Bull for race wins.

“I think that if we had qualified better it would have been like Bahrain, closer to Checo. Max had something else,” he stated. “But is a good sign to be closer during the race than in qualifying, completely opposite to last year’s car. I prefer that. That was the goal for this year.

“Now we have to improve this car because it’s clear that on tracks like Suzuka we can’t win. The car is missing two-three tenths. If we go a bit faster we can fight or at least keep up with Red Bull. It’s an upgrade which I hope we can get to catch them and fight them at every track.”