Sainz Anticipates Red Bull Surge as Ferrari Hunts Pace

Carlos Sainz anticipates that Red Bull will dominate the initial portion of the F1 2024 season, while Ferrari’s advancements are likely to arrive too late to mount a serious challenge for the title.

During the early stages of the new campaign, Ferrari has emerged as the primary contender to the formidable Red Bull squad, securing podium finishes in all four races held thus far.

Sainz has maintained a flawless podium record in 2024, clinching victory at the Australian Grand Prix last month following his absence from the preceding Saudi Arabian round due to appendicitis.

Despite Red Bull’s successive one-two finishes in Bahrain, Jeddah, and Japan, Ferrari remains optimistic about their chances of contending for the title. Sainz’s teammate, Charles Leclerc, currently trails Max Verstappen by just 18 points, with the team itself 21 points behind in the Constructors’ standings.

However, Sainz expresses concerns that Red Bull may establish an unassailable lead by the time Ferrari’s upgrades enhance the performance of the SF-24 car to a level capable of challenging the RB20 consistently.

He suggests that Ferrari’s championship aspirations hinge on Red Bull encountering setbacks akin to Melbourne, where Verstappen retired after just three laps due to a rear-brake issue.

Sainz remarked, “They will have an advantage in the first third of the season until we bring one or two upgrades that will make us more consistent.

“Maybe by then, it will be too late to fight for the Championship. We will need more races like Australia, I don’t see Red Bull making mistakes often. It’s a pity because I also missed a race and that cost us some points.

“At the same time though, we will do the best we can. It’s my last year at Ferrari and we have nothing to lose.”

In Japan, Red Bull unveiled their inaugural significant upgrade package of the season, showcasing an inventive new inlet positioned near the car’s halo.

Although Carlos Sainz trailed Verstappen by a final margin of 20.8 seconds on race day, he found encouragement in Ferrari’s second-place finish, trailing behind the enhanced RB20 at a circuit historically favored by Red Bull’s capabilities.

“This is a Red Bull track. We are not that far from them, He mentioned. “They brought some updates that may have helped them to be even more in front so we will have to wait for ours.”