Sainz aims to secure Ferrari future beyond 2024

Carlos Sainz is determined to secure a new contract to extend his tenure at Ferrari beyond 2024.

While openly expressing his desire for a swift resolution, Sainz agreed with his team boss, Frederic Vasseur, to postpone contract talks for the time being during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Despite the delay, Sainz remains resolute in his decision to stay at Ferrari.

“My priority is undoubtedly to continue at Ferrari. I believe there’s no better place in F1 right now than a team like Ferrari, which is driven by the ambition to win again,” Sainz expressed to El Mundo Deportivo newspaper.

“My aspiration is to secure another race victory as soon as possible and, if feasible, challenge for a world championship. If the team in question is Ferrari, then I see no reason not to continue.”

Sainz reiterated his preference for knowing his racing future before entering the final season of his contract, maintaining his stance this year as well.

In a light-hearted moment, a reporter jokingly suggested that someone in a Ferrari uniform should present Sainz with a contract to sign immediately.

Chuckling, the 28-year-old driver responded, “It also depends on what the contract says.”

While acknowledging Ferrari’s reputation for being one of the most demanding teams in Formula 1, with constant rumors and speculations surrounding the Maranello-based outfit, Sainz confidently stated that the pressure doesn’t affect him.

“It might be taxing for others, but not for me,” he asserted.

“If you aren’t completely committed, or if you’re at the beginning or end of your career, the pressure might wear you out. However, I’m 100 percent dedicated and delighted to be at Ferrari, so the noise doesn’t drain or bother me; I don’t allow it to.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming negotiations, Sainz is eager for the process.

“Like any aspect of life, both parties need to agree and shake hands on the contract. If there are any disagreements, we’ll talk it through,” Sainz emphasized.

“They already know that I will do everything in my power to continue with a team like Ferrari.”

When asked about his calmness amid the uncertainty surrounding his future, considering rumors linking Alex Albon to his seat for 2025, Sainz confidently responded, “I’m not feeling anxious.”

He revealed that he has set a timeline – winter of this year – to assess the situation, but he intends to concentrate on the current season for now.

“While we have a three-week break during the summer, I might contemplate it a bit more naturally. But at present, with races approaching, there’s no time to pause and ponder,” Sainz concluded.

In other news, the Corriere della Sera newspaper reported Ferrari’s signing of prominent Mercedes performance engineer Loic Serra, who will now undergo an extended ‘gardening leave’ period.