Red Bull’s unstoppable dominance: Max Verstappen predicted to reclaim top spot in Miami.

The current Formula 1 season has been characterized by the unparalleled dominance of the Red Bull team, which has won all four races so far.

The Austrian outfit’s impressive performance has set them apart from the rest of the grid, leaving their competitors struggling to catch up.

Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, the Red Bull team’s drivers, have each won two races this season.

In the most recent race, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Sergio Perez showed his incredible skills by winning the race, beating out his teammate Max Verstappen.

Moreover, Perez has proven to be a formidable force in street races, demonstrating remarkable improvement and putting up a good fight against his teammate.

With the battle between the Red Bull duo heating up, team advisor Helmut Marko predicts that Max Verstappen will return to the top spot of the podium in the upcoming Miami race.

“I see Max being in front again,” the Austrian said.“Leclerc could be fast in qualifying like in Baku, but the race should be ours again. And I’m sticking to it – in terms of the season, Max Verstappen is the man. He’s the more consistent.”

He further stated that there won’t be any team orders for now, between the reigning world champion Verstappen and his impressive teammate Sergio Perez.

He added: “In Baku, both of them fought for the fastest lap until the end. But as long as everything remains civilised, we will not intervene. You don’t have to worry about the mood in the team, it’s fine.”

While acknowledging Sergio Perez’s recent victories in both the sprint and main races in Azerbaijan, he concedes that it has provided the Mexican driver with renewed confidence.

“That’s right, he woke up and is pushing Max a lot. But I’m relaxed. As long as we’re superior, an internal team fight like that is only good for everyone.”