Ralf Schumacher Slams Haas, Urges Hulkenberg to Explore Other Options

Ex-F1 driver Ralf Schumacher has expressed strong criticism towards Haas, encouraging Nico Hulkenberg to seek greener pastures elsewhere, stating that ‘any other option would be better for him’.

Hulkenberg’s arrival at Haas this season came as a replacement for Ralf’s nephew, Mick Schumacher.

Despite the circumstances, Hulkenberg has proven his mettle, delivering a stellar performance in his first entire F1 season in four years.

Remarkably, the seasoned driver has been the driving force behind nine of Haas’ 11 points, showcasing his prowess in qualifying, highlighted by his second-fastest time at the Canadian Grand Prix, trailing only behind the formidable Max Verstappen.

Despite his impressive qualifying performances, Hulkenberg’s efforts haven’t always resulted in securing points, leading to his frustration towards Haas.

Speaking with fury after the sprint race, he said: “We picked up a bunch of places, but we didn’t really have the pace to cut through, and the car was difficult to drive.”

Ralf Schumacher, sympathizing with this compatriot wrote in his Sky Column: “You can clearly see that the car is doing well in qualifying but is not able to keep up in the races due to aerodynamics and tire wear.

“It is only logical for a driver who is in the top ten on Saturday and then finds himself at the back of the field during the race is disappointed.

“Something urgently needs to happen at Haas! As for his future, it’s debatable how many other F1 opportunities there are for Hulkenberg.

“Probably any option would be better for him than Haas. You get the impression from the outside that there is more potential in the other teams. A lot of money is invested at Williams, for example, and new momentum has come in there, but also at Alpha Tauri.

“On the other hand, Haas gives the impression of stagnation. But finding a new cockpit for Nico is not easy. He has a bit of the image that he’s a perfect qualifier but can’t quite exploit his potential in the race and that’s why he really wants to have a good race car.