Nyck de Vries Continues to Disregard Formula 1 Axe Rumors.

Nyck de Vries remains steadfast in his approach of ignoring the media coverage surrounding his challenging situation in Formula 1.

Despite Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko suggesting the possibility of his premature departure, the 28-year-old rookie from Alpha Tauri, de Vries, reveals that he has deliberately chosen to disconnect from the noise since the races in Austria.

Instead of dwelling on the uncertainty, he has focused on maintaining a positive mindset and persevering through the challenges he faces in the sport.

“A game of golf works wonders. I don’t care (about the speculation), but that doesn’t matter,”said the Dutchman.

“But the wind changes so quickly in F1 that it makes no sense at all to read any of it,” de Vries added. “I am only concerned with showing the best version of myself and I have not succeeded enough in that this season.

“But what someone says today or tomorrow may be different the day after tomorrow. I can’t let that guide me, because then I would be on a rollercoaster all the time.

“After the first few races this year I realised that reading all that stuff won’t do me any good. There is too little nuance.”

De Vries emphasizes that his situation is not as dire as the headlines may portray, drawing a distinction between his experience and the struggles faced by other drivers in the past.

While acknowledging the challenges he has encountered, he believes that he is not significantly trailing behind as the media might suggest.

The young driver remains optimistic, determined to bridge any gaps and prove his potential on the Formula 1 circuit.

“If you look at the minimal gaps last weekend in Austria, I think that has been rarely seen in Formula 1,” he said at Silverstone.