No Distractions for Verstappen: Red Bull’s Unbeaten Season Goal Remains the Priority.

Max Verstappen remains unfazed by the external chatter surrounding Red Bull’s quest for an undefeated season in F1 2023. Instead, his focus remains fixed on the team’s objective of maximizing their performance in every race weekend.

Red Bull’s dominance has been apparent in the opening eight races, with Verstappen claiming victory in six of them, while his teammate Sergio Perez triumphed in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.

With a commanding 154-point lead over Mercedes in the Constructors’ standings, Red Bull is poised to extend their dominance. Verstappen, on the path to securing his third consecutive Drivers’ title, has already built a substantial 69-point lead over Perez after a remarkable string of four consecutive wins.

The noise from the outside world does not distract Verstappen, as he remains committed to the team’s unwavering goal of maximizing their potential in each race. With their formidable performance and a substantial lead, Red Bull’s focus remains firmly on their pursuit of excellence throughout the season.

Red Bull’s flawless performance in the 2023 season has ignited speculation about the possibility of achieving an unprecedented feat: winning every single race.

The notion was initially raised by Mercedes driver George Russell, who boldly voiced this potential outcome during the opening race weekend in Bahrain back in March.

Max Verstappen, who has emerged victorious in an impressive 31 out of the last 52 races since his championship-winning debut in 2021, recognizes Red Bull’s strong start to the season.

However, he remains cautious, acknowledging that external circumstances beyond their control have the potential to derail the team’s quest for historic achievements.

Verstappen emphasizes the importance of maintaining a focused mindset within the team and disregarding the mounting external expectations. It is crucial for them to remain concentrated on their own performance and not let outside influences distract them.

“It doesn’t really matter what people are saying from the outside. You have to just focus on what you can control and that’s within the team and with the car, and that’s what we’re doing,” the Dutch driver remarked in an interview with Forbes.

“Of course we had a really good start to the year and of course we’d really like to keep that going, but sometimes it can also be a bit out of your hands what is happening throughout the weekend.

“It’s a very long season and it’s all about trying to maximise the result every single weekend.”

As Red Bull heads to their home race in Austria this weekend, they aim to maintain their flawless start to the season.

Max Verstappen’s dominance could be more “boring” than Lewis Hamilton’s winning run, says a Dutch pundit.

The Austrian Grand Prix holds special significance for the team, especially for Verstappen, who has triumphed at this circuit on four occasions, including an impressive double victory during the challenging 2021 season.

This race also serves as an opportunity for Sergio Perez, who has been facing challenges recently, to regain his form and contribute towards fulfilling Red Bull’s aspirations for success.