Mercedes may be willing to exceed the F1 budget cap if Red Bull receives a minor penalty. 

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has threatened to exceed Formula One’s budget cap if Red Bull is not penalized severely.

The FIA confirmed earlier this week that Red Bull exceeded last year’s budget cap of $145 million by a “minor” amount.

Aston Martin was also found to have exceeded the cap, but the Silverstone-based group was labeled as a “procedural” violation.

Red Bull was surprised by the FIA findings, claiming that its submissions were within the cap.

The FIA’s punishment for Red Bull is unknown, with potential penalties ranging from fines to championship exclusion.

Although it is unknown how much Red Bull exceeded the cap, it is believed that because it was a “minor” breach, it will only face minor punishment.

On the other hand, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says his team would be willing to pay a fine if it meant gaining an advantage by exceeding the budget.

“If Red Bull had overspent by two million, they could close the matter by paying the FIA five times, therefore 10 million,” Wolff is quoted by Corriere dello Sport, via Formula Passion.

“And in any case, it would not be fair because it would sanction the right to cheat by paying a fine. 

“Mercedes has already talked about it and, if this were really the point of failure, Mercedes is ready to plan an extra budget and related fine to recover performance and return to the top.”

Toto Wolff has previously stated that a budget cap violation is a “heavyweight” issue for Formula 1.

Last year, the sport implemented a budget cap for the first time in an attempt to level the playing field between teams.

Ferrari has called for harsh penalties for any type of violation, regardless of the illegal amount.