Mercedes Constructs Formula 1 Car for Brad Pitt Film, Confirms Toto Wolff.

The Silver Arrows are not only making their presence felt in the glamorous world of Formula One but in Hollywood as well.

The renowned Formula 1 constructor has become the focal point of a new film production based on the exhilarating sport.

The highly anticipated Top Gun reboot, in collaboration with the legendary American actor Brad Pitt, is set to commence filming soon. Adding to the star power, Lewis Hamilton’s film company, along with the involvement of the Mercedes team, further amplifies the excitement surrounding this project.

Team boss Toto Wolff recently revealed in an interview with Osterreich newspaper during the Austrian Grand Prix that Mercedes played a pivotal role in the production. “We helped them build the car,” Wolff disclosed, shedding light on their contribution to the film.

While the car used in the movie is a Formula 2 car, Mercedes ensured it closely resembles a Formula 1 car, maintaining the authenticity and grandeur associated with the sport.

As Formula 1 gears up for the much-awaited British Grand Prix at Silverstone next weekend, Wolff revealed another exciting development.

Alongside the race, a dedicated film set will be constructed at Silverstone, providing a unique opportunity to bring the world of Formula 1 to the big screen.

Wolff expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We’ll have some fun there,” hinting at the exciting possibilities and potential collaborations that could arise from this film set.

However, despite Mercedes’ involvement in the film and the anticipation surrounding it, Wolff couldn’t help but express his disappointment with the team’s on-track performance in Austria.

Reflecting on their recent races, he lamented, “After Montreal, we actually thought we’d be closer to Red Bull.”

Acknowledging the challenges they have faced, Wolff’s candid remark showcases the team’s determination to overcome obstacles and regain their competitive edge as they strive for success in the upcoming races.