Max Verstappen Bemoans Continuous Changes in F1

Two-time world champion, Max Verstappen, has urged Formula 1’s leadership to curtail the frequency of alterations to the sport, citing a perception that the current emphasis primarily revolves around financial gains.

The Dutch driver has previously expressed his discontent with several modifications introduced to Formula 1 over the past years.

Verstappen, a prominent critic of sprint races, opposed schedule changes. He contemplates ending his F1 career after his 2028 contract should the current state of the sport continue.

Amid Red Bull’s prevailing dominance, he steadfastly pursues his stance against excessive F1 alterations orchestrated by management.

“I am concerned about the sport that I have always loved,” the 25-year-old stated in an interview with De Telegraaf.

“And still like it, but to a certain extent. It’s not that I’m completely against change, as is sometimes said.

“But it must be adjustments that benefit Formula One. Why do you have to change certain things when things are going well? I think a traditional qualifying session is well set up in that form.

“It shouldn’t just be about money. People may think: ‘he earns a lot of money, what is that guy complaining about?’

“But it’s about well-being, how you experience things and not how much you earn. Sometimes I think I have to do too many things, and not do them.

“Then I sometimes think: is this still worth it?” One of the biggest changes to F1 in recent years has been the sheer amount of races in a single calendar year.

However, Verstappen believes this isn’t the primary factor adversely affecting the sport. The Dutchman stated: “That’s not the biggest problem. I’m more concerned with what to do with it.

“A Thursday before a race weekend is sometimes a long time, although it depends a bit on where we are.

“Besides the Grand Prix there is also simulator work. But, for example, I spend more than a month a year on marketing. At a certain point you don’t feel like it anymore.”