“Max doesn’t make mistakes, he drives like a robot,” says Massa.

Verstappen emerged as the champion in the last two seasons, claiming his first title in 2021 after engaging in a rigorous competition with Lewis Hamilton throughout the season.

The following year, the Dutch driver exerted his dominance and won 15 of the Grand Prix races, securing the championship with ease.

At the start of this year’s campaign, Verstappen showcased his prowess in the season-opening race in Bahrain, emerging as the winner with little to no challenge from his competitors, earning him his 36th victory.

Verstappen encountered a setback in Saudi Arabia as a drive shaft problem occurred during qualifying, leading to his withdrawal from Q2.

As a result, he began the race from the 15th position on the grid. Despite this, he made an impressive comeback and finished in second place, with his teammate Sergio Perez winning the race.

“Max doesn’t make mistakes, he drives like a robot,” Massa, who drove for teams such as Ferrari and Williams, told Bild.

“He is extremely mature for his age. The two titles made him even better. He’s more relaxed now, not so dogged.

“Verstappen has become world champion for the past two years, I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t get the hat-trick.

“Max can also win four, five or six titles in a row. Max doesn’t make any mistakes, Red Bull works perfectly, the engine is strong.

“That’s how it was with Michael [Schumacher] with Ferrari and Lewis [Hamilton] with Mercedes. The conditions are ideal for a Red Bull era.”

In the early stages of the season, the RB19 car from Red Bull has earned praise from its competitors for its impressive speed, with some going as far as to say it surpasses the rest of the competition.

Despite this, Christian Horner, the team’s manager, has downplayed the likelihood of the team completely dominating the 2022 season, instead predicting that the competition will become more fierce as the year progresses.

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  1. Thank you for Sharing your thoughts about Max and the RedBull Team. I am a big fan of Max and have watched him as fare back when he was racing GoKarts.

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