Marko hits back at Verstappen speeding controversy

Dr Helmut Marko has hit back at the controversy surrounding a video of Max Verstappen speeding on a motorway at the wheel of the Adrian Newey-penned Valkyrie supercar.

Some reports suggest that French police have not ruled out prosecuting Red Bull’s dominant world championship leader.

“Max always has stories like this going on,” Marko told Osterreich newspaper. “Hello! He’s 25 years old, it’s nothing special that he’s going too fast here and there.”

Verstappen has said repeatedly in recent days and months that he does not fear getting out the spotlight one day – even by breaking his current Red Bull contract prior to 2028.

“That can actually happen from one day to the next,” 80-year-old Marko warns.

“He has his own opinions, he sees the constant rule changes with the tyres and other things as unnecessary. But nothing will happen in the near future.”

Marko says Verstappen is even more dominant than Red Bull’s former four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

“Max is even more relaxed than he was,” says the Austrian.

“At that time, Sebastian had to catch up with a huge deficit to Alonso. But with Max, you have the feeling that he is doing everything with incredible ease at the moment.”

Finally, with Daniel Ricciardo now on the sidelines with a broken hand, Marko was asked about the similar arm injury sustained by his nemesis Toto Wolff during a biking vacation during the summer break.

When asked if his fellow Austrian should have instead joined Marko in his forestry and chainsaw hobby, Marko replied: “No, no – forest work is much more dangerous.

“I think it is the second time Toto has crashed on a bike. Maybe he should take some lessons.”