Marko Hints at Sainz’s Move

Red Bull advisor, Dr. Helmut Marko, has provided insight into the F1 driver market, shedding light on the factors driving the early season activity.

Dr. Helmut Marko from Red Bull has suggested that Carlos Sainz might need to make a prompt decision regarding Audi’s Formula 1 project.

The speculation surrounding Sainz’s potential move to Audi has been ongoing, and the news of Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming transition to Ferrari in 2025 has only intensified these rumors.

The grid for this season saw an unprecedented occurrence, with no changes from the final race of 2023 to the opening race of this year. However, Hamilton’s announcement about leaving Mercedes has completely reshaped the driver market landscape, creating a flurry of activity.

With a significant portion of the field’s contracts set to expire at the end of the year, discussions about driver movements have dominated conversations, despite there being 20 more grands Prix left to run this season.

Dr. Marko shared his perspective, stating, “In my opinion, the fact that the transfer rumor mill is already cooking like this at the beginning of April is due to several factors,” before singling out Hamilton’s transfer as the primary catalyst for the unusually active ‘silly season.’

Addressing the lingering uncertainty surrounding driver movements, Marko focused his attention on Carlos Sainz, highlighting him as one of the most sought-after talents available for the upcoming season.

Despite being dropped by Ferrari, the 29-year-old has garnered significant praise for his performance. However, Marko emphasized that Audi cannot afford to wait indefinitely as Sainz weighs his options.

According to Marko, “If radio paddock is to be trusted, Audi wants a decision from Carlos Sainz very soon.”

Despite his absence from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix due to appendicitis, Sainz remains closely trailing his teammate Charles Leclerc by just four points in the Drivers’ standings.

In the three races where they’ve competed head-to-head, Sainz has outperformed Leclerc on-track, securing one race victory and two additional podium finishes.

Regarding potential landing spots for Sainz, Mercedes, with Hamilton’s soon-to-be-vacant seat, emerges as a possibility, alongside Aston Martin and Red Bull, which have also been mentioned as potential destinations.

Marko suggested that Aston Martin is actively exploring various avenues, but he was quick to distance his team from the ongoing driver speculation, stating, “Aston Martin is also putting pressure in several directions.

“We do not take part in these games. We won’t hear from Red Bull Racing until the middle of the season about what’s going on in terms of personnel.”