Marko accuses the FIA of using manipulative tricks and urges them to stop.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull Motorsport Advisor, has accused others of using “manipulative tricks” to slow down the team after a strong start to the season.

Despite a dominant performance from Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in the RB19 during the opening races, the shortening of DRS zones in Azerbaijan and Miami drew widespread criticism. This led to fewer overtaking opportunities in Baku and diluted the racing spectacle.

Red Bull’s impressive straight-line speed has stunned the paddock and Marko believes that the championship leaders are being targeted by the reduction in DRS zones.

“Overtaking has always been difficult but especially when the DRS zones are shortened. And we know why that happens…” he told to Motorsport-Magazin. Asked if he believed the changes were aimed at cubing Red Bull’s advantage, Marko replied: “Exactly.”

“We have to stop intervening with these kinds of manipulative tricks, it is bizarre that Mercedes, of all teams, is moaning.

“For years Mercedes had the superior engine and they were much further ahead of the competition than we are now. And then when you deliver a flop of a car two years in a row, you might be wise to focus on that.”

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  1. The FIA screwed up implementation of the ground effect regs AND the cost cap. The delay in implementation of the new regs OUGHT TO HAVE triggered a similar delay for the implementation of the cost cap. Otherwise, all that has been done is to lock in grid positions….Doesn’t help that the ONE TEAM to have been in ‘material breach’ – yes, 1.6% is material – is the team taking all the gold.

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