Major Changes Expected in F1 for 2024 Season, Says Boss

Mike Krack has cautioned that teams are unlikely to make significant changes before the commencement of the 2024 season as they strive to close the gap and compete with Red Bull.

In the third season of consistent regulations, the gap between the front and back of the field has been gradually narrowing each year. Numerous grand prix events have witnessed qualifying gaps of less than one second between the first and last place, indicating a tightening competition at the forefront.

Aston Martin made significant strides in narrowing the gap to the front-runners last year, although falling just short of securing a race victory. They aim to accomplish this feat in the upcoming year.

Teams are more inclined towards an evolutionary approach, said Krack.

“When you have stable rules, the way we have it now, teams will rather go evolutionary,” Krack reported to Autosport. “And, if you have such a standout car, as we have with Red Bull, I think a lot of people will try to go in that direction.

“On the other hand, we have heard from Ferrari, from Mercedes, that they will make very big architectural changes. So, we are curious to see what that is going to bring.

“But I think, all in all, if you look at it, usually what happens if the technical regs stay [the same] the field is moving closer together year on year.”

After two seasons of being at the forefront, Red Bull is now the target in 2024, with Aston Martin among the teams well-positioned to challenge them. With a year of experience with their new aerodynamic concept, Aston Martin is optimistic that their winter development efforts will provide Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll with a competitive car capable of contending for victories.