Lewis Hamilton’s Bold Claim: Max Verstappen Would Struggle Against Him in Red Bull!

In a captivating revelation that has sent shockwaves through the world of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton has boldly stated that if he were behind the wheel of Sergio Perez’s car at Red Bull, the reigning champion Max Verstappen wouldn’t be experiencing the same level of success he currently enjoys.

Max Verstappen’s sheer dominance in the 2022 season has left fans and competitors alike in awe. His unparalleled speed and skill have rendered his own teammate, Sergio Perez, unable to mount a serious challenge against him on the track.

Yet, Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, isn’t one to back down from a challenge. In an interview with Sporza, Hamilton expressed his belief that the situation would be vastly different if he were given the opportunity to drive a Red Bull.

Acknowledging the impressive performance of the Red Bull car, he admitted that they currently hold a significant advantage, leaving other teams struggling to catch up.

Interestingly, Red Bull’s advisor, Dr. Helmut Marko, appeared to concur with Hamilton’s assessment.

Following the Belgian Grand Prix, Marko publicly stated that Verstappen’s dominance is formidable, and that perhaps only Hamilton and the veteran Fernando Alonso could pose a genuine threat to the Dutch superstar within the Red Bull ranks.

“At the moment, it’s impossible to beat the Red Bull unless they don’t finish,” the Briton told Sporza.

“They’re eight-tenths to one second faster per lap than everybody else. It is what it is. There’s nothing I can do about it.

“Do I want to be as fast as them? Of course. Would I like to have a car that’s as fast as them? Of course.

“If I was in Sergio’s car, Max would not be having the same time he’s having now. But it’s not the way life is.”

Lewis adds Mercedes will need a big step forward to be able to challenge Red Bull.

“None of us are happy in the sense that we’re where we want to be, but we are continuously making steps.

“We’ve had podiums, we’ve had a second place, we’ve had a pole this year which is really great.

“We’re just making small strides, and we’re looking for that big one to put us in contention for the top two. It’s not going to come easy, but everyone’s working towards it.

“Through adversity, it’s building character and strength within the team, and one day we’ll get back to where we need to be,” Hamilton concluded.

After the Belgian Grand Prix, Red Bull’s advisor Dr Helmut Marko seemed to agree with Hamilton, as he said he believes only the Briton and Fernando Alonso could challenge Max in a Red Bull.

“For Checo, a second place is like a victory at the moment,” Marko said.

“Max is hardly beatable. I think maybe only Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso could be slightly closer to him,” he concluded.