Lewis Hamilton Opens Up About Missing Former Physiotherapist: ‘I Miss Her Every Day.’

Seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton has recently shared his heartfelt sentiments about his former physiotherapist and assistant, Angela Cullen, revealing that he misses her presence in his life “every day.”

The renowned Mercedes star opened up about their relationship after parting ways earlier this year, highlighting the significant impact Cullen had on him.

Throughout their impressive seven-year tenure at Mercedes, Hamilton and Cullen formed an inseparable duo, their bond evident as they were virtually always by each other’s side during exhilarating grand prix weekends. Their unwavering partnership became a familiar sight within the racing community.

Consequently, the announcement of Cullen and Hamilton’s separation just before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in March sent shockwaves through the racing world. The unexpected decision took many by surprise, leaving fans and observers in disbelief.

Despite their professional split, Hamilton and Cullen have managed to maintain a strong friendship. Shedding light on their shared history and present bond, Hamilton has provided insight into the dynamics of their relationship, both past and present.

“I miss her every day,” he told L’Equipe. “She was a breath of fresh air for me every day. She was always a great help during the seven years we worked together.

“She was and still is a very good friend. In fact, we’re talking about getting together again and doing something together soon, like parachute jumping, maybe.

“We’ll never leave each other. I’m very grateful for everything she’s given me.”

When asked if Hamilton had changed his race routine since her departure, he added: “No, because I think you always have to adjust your routine, but the team helped me bounce back.”