Lewis Hamilton is the only driver who can challenge Max Verstappen for the 2023 title, according to Anthony Davidson.

Lewis Hamilton, according to Anthony Davidson, is the only person who can challenge Max Verstappen for the 2023 title.

Verstappen is basically unstoppable in 2022.
Max Verstappen becomes the first driver in Formula 1 history to win 14 races in a single season.

Antony Davidson, a former racer turned Sky Sports pundit, has predicted that of all the drivers on the F1 grid, only Hamilton will be able to challenge Verstappen for the 2023 title.

“The only person I can see who can mount a serious challenge is Lewis Hamilton,” Davidson told Sky Sports News.

“[There’s] a handful of names who, in my opinion, have been the greatest of all time, and they only come along once in a while.”

“Then it’s great to see that next one come along, and they set the benchmark, and as one athlete becomes older, the next one comes along.”

“But it’s never a given, and I don’t know who the next Max Verstappen will be that comes along one day to bring the fight to him.”

“But Lewis, at the moment, he’s definitely still good enough without question, and he’s the only one that can take this fight to Max.”

“The problem is, as an older athlete, you start to lose a bit of performance. “That hasn’t happened yet with Lewis, but at some point it’s inevitable, and that’s the advantage Max has.”

Davidson also said F1 was “cyclical,” and plenty of drivers at the top of their game have one day found themselves successful.

“It’s a generational thing. “I’ve seen this many times in the past in Formula 1,” he said.

“I’ve seen the likes of Ayrton Senna come along, who replaced Alain Prost in that bid to see who was the best driver.

“Then we saw Michael Schumacher come along. He superseded Senna, and Senna got older, and Lewis [Hamilton] came along, superseding Schumacher, and now Verstappen comes along.

“It’s not really a fair fight in many ways because Verstappen is 25 years old, almost 10 years younger than Lewis.”

“That’s a generational thing. “It’s cyclical, and it’s great to see a new talent come along because it doesn’t happen very often.”

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