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Lewis Hamilton comments on Angela Cullen’s exit and potential successor.

Lewis Hamilton recently announced a change in his working environment ahead of practice sessions in Saudi Arabia. Explaining the decision over social media, Hamilton revealed that after seven years of dedicated service, his longtime physio Angela Cullen would be parting ways with him.

Cullen played a crucial role within Hamilton’s entourage, frequently visible supporting Hamilton during Formula 1 competitions. It was not an uncommon sight to see Cullen transporting Hamilton’s helmets or helping Hamilton throughout race weekends in the F1 calendar.

Despite now working apart, Hamilton and Cullen maintained a strong bond and friendship. Speaking with Sky Sports journalists before this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix – Hamilton’s second event without Cullen by his side – the reigning seven-time world champion discussed Cullen and affirmed that they continue to communicate frequently despite the professional separation.

“Angela is living her life right now,” he said. “She’s got so many ideas of things she wants to do. We message pretty much every day. We are still going to skydive together. We are always going to be in each other’s lives.

“We’re stuck with each other, unfortunately, or fortunately! We’ve been through thick and thin. I am grateful our relationship is as good as it is. We’ve probably had one of the longest relationships I would say in the sport.

“I am incredibly grateful for her, I love her dearly. I think now I have got one of the guys, Stevo, who has been with me since my first race with McLaren, is helping me out as well.”

The seven-time world champion emphasized the significance of surrounding oneself with a medical team and support personnel. He cited Aki Hintsa, his former physician at McLaren who greatly assisted his early Formula 1 career, who passed away from cancer in late 2016.

“Well when I started in F1, my dear friend Aki [Hintsa], passed away from cancer, had a huge influence on me, getting into a team and started up this company that was servicing athletes – pretty much all the drivers use Hintsa,” he added.

“For medical, trainer applications, physios, stuff like that. It’s an incredibly challenging role for anyone in those positions. It’s a lot of travelling, a lot of time away from family.

“You grow incredibly close together – during your weekends or where you’re travelling, it’s usually you or your trainer or physio.

“It’s incredibly intimate in that sense – you become great friends.”