Jordan Advocates for Vettel’s Return to F1 with Mercedes as Hamilton Moves On

Hamilton is set to leave the Silver Arrows team at this year’s end to join the ranks of Ferrari, marking a significant shift in the Formula 1 landscape.

Several drivers have been touted as potential successors to Hamilton at Mercedes, with Carlos Sainz and Alex Albon among the mentioned candidates.

Eddie Jordan, however, views Vettel as the ideal interim choice for Mercedes. Speaking on the Formula for Success podcast, Jordan stated, “I have to say, in the short term, I would look at Vettel. Because we know these cars are not as difficult to drive as in your day, in my day, when you needed a neck the size of a wine barrel.

“It’s just ridiculous, the cars are not as difficult and that’s why you have the longevity. That’s why you have [Fernando] Alonso being able to continue and that’s why you have the much older drivers.”

Sebastian Vettel, who concluded his career with a stint at Aston Martin after several years with Ferrari, has never competed for a German outfit in Formula 1, except his debut at the 2007 United States Grand Prix for BMW Sauber.

Jordan highlighted Vettel’s German heritage as a significant factor for Mercedes in choosing Hamilton’s replacement, suggesting a historical pattern could influence their decision. “I think Vettel has to be in the frame, because of the German contact,” he remarked.

Drawing parallels to Michael Schumacher’s career trajectory from Ferrari back to Mercedes, Jordan also acknowledged other potential candidates like Esteban Ocon and expressed a fondness for Albon, hinting at his future prospects within the sport.

Concluding his argument, Jordan emphasized, “But, if it was me, and the way Formula 1 is progressing, I would look at Vettel – I think it’s a good choice. It makes sense for Mercedes, a German driver in the car.”