In a significant reshuffle, James Allison has surprisingly returned to his technical role at Mercedes.

Mercedes has announced that James Allison will take over the role of Technical Director for their F1 team, replacing Mike Elliott, who will now serve as the Chief Technical Officer. This change will take place immediately.

Allison first joined Mercedes in 2017 as Technical Director and later became their Chief Technical Officer after four years.

A role swap is imminent for Mike Elliott and James Allison at Mercedes. Allison will vacate his position as Chief Technical Officer and resume his duties as Technical Director for the Brackley-based team. In contrast, Elliott will take over as the new Chief Technical Officer, replacing Allison.

According to Mercedes, the changes have come about as a result of Elliott’s own review into their technical organization. “Mike has led a review of our technical organization to ensure we have the right structure to deliver sustainable success in the future,” says a Mercedes spokesperson.

“We are focused on building the best racing car and building the best team to develop that car, with everybody playing to their greatest strengths in the organization.”

In an interview with the Motorsport Network, as quoted by the BBC, team boss Toto Wolff has confirmed the changes after a period of introspection at Brackley.

“Mike’s assessment was, and the introspection is really admirable, that with James we have a gladiator on the field and the troops are going to go through the fire for him and with him,” he said.

Elliott’s role will see him focusing on “developing the organization going forward.”