Hamilton’s Ferrari Switch Kept from Parents

Lewis Hamilton’s surprise move to Ferrari for the 2025 F1 season has left many in the racing world stunned, including his own family and friends who were kept in the dark until the official announcement.

The 39-year-old racer disclosed that he kept his parents uninformed about his decision until it was made public. This abrupt transition marks the end of his highly successful tenure with Mercedes, a partnership that yielded remarkable results.

Hamilton’s sudden switch to Ferrari caused ripples throughout Formula 1, catching even his closest relatives off guard. Reflecting on the swift decision-making process, Hamilton stated, “It [the decision] happened very fast.

” He recounted how the opportunity arose unexpectedly, giving him little time for deliberation. Trusting his instincts, he seized the chance without hesitation.

“I didn’t speak to anybody, I didn’t tell my parents until the day of it being announced, so no one knew and I really wanted to do it for myself and that’s ultimately…I had to find out what was best for me,” Hamilton affirmed, underscoring his autonomous approach to the pivotal career move.

Despite acknowledging the move to Ferrari as beneficial for his career, Hamilton expressed enduring loyalty to Mercedes. Describing the decision as ‘the hardest decision‘, he likened it to his departure from McLaren.

He added, “When I left McLaren it was a very hard decision also because it was like my family, you feel such a part of the family and obviously, I’ve been such a big part of Mercedes, and it’s been such a huge part of my life and we’ve achieved so much together.

“The thing is I will always be a Mercedes fan and we’ll always have this incredible history together, even now. After all these years I genuinely always check where McLaren are and I’m always supporting them and that will always be the case for me here also.”

Hamilton‘s objective with Ferrari is to help the team clinch an elusive F1 championship. Ferrari’s last triumph dates back to 2008, with no driver from the team securing the Drivers’ Championship since Kimi Raikkonen’s victory in the preceding year.

Former Ferrari ace Rene Arnoux cast doubt on Hamilton’s prospects for individual success with the Italian outfit. Expressing his skepticism, Arnoux remarked, : “All drivers, without exception, want to go to Ferrari. I had that too.

“Hamilton is a great champion, he has already won seven World Championships, but he wants to end his career in the red. The problem is that he does arrive there at the age of 40, and in sport, age affects results.

“A lot of young people are strong. I don’t think you can win a world championship at the age of 40.”