Hamilton Reveals the High-Stakes Decisions He Faces, Contrasting with Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton finds himself drawing comparisons between his current driving experience in the Mercedes W14 and Max Verstappen’s performance in the Red Bull RB19.

In an ideal Formula 1 world, Hamilton and Verstappen would be engaging in fierce battles for race victories and championship glory in the anticipated F1 2023 season. However, that thrilling scenario has unfortunately failed to materialize.

Red Bull’s development trajectory has undeniably been smoother compared to Mercedes’ since the regulations underwent a major overhaul prior to the start of the 2022 F1 season.

As a result, Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team have been relishing a dominant phase, a situation that Hamilton has encountered numerous times throughout his illustrious F1 career.

As the Canadian Grand Prix takes centre stage this weekend, one topic has been dominating discussions: Can Mercedes validate their recent progress on a track that presents notable differences compared to Barcelona, where they achieved their first double podium of the season?

While the answer remains uncertain, Lewis Hamilton has granted fans an exclusive glimpse into the stark contrasts between his and Verstappen’s approaches to each Formula 1 race weekend.

The divergence stems from the distinct characteristics of the cars they command, making for an intriguing dynamic between the two championship contenders.

The Mercedes driver, as quoted by Sky Sports said: “Once you get on top of the car and the car works in this window, and it’s consistent, it’s much easier to get it into that setup.”

“When you are with a car like I have, for example, you’re trying everything, every different setup and combination to try and eke out a little bit more performance.

“But when you have performance in hand, you are not necessarily always having to make risky choices throughout practice in order to get that extra half a tenth.

The seven-time world champion in his candid explanation further explained: “You don’t have to push the bodywork as tight as possible, put the engine on the rim of the temperature because you have a little bit of breathing space.

“Then you don’t have to push the tyres as hard, so you can lift and coast a little bit more, which ultimately means longer stints. All these different things compound and the more you practice it, the easier it gets.

“But you still have a job to deliver, you still have to be focused and still can’t make mistakes, still have to make the right decisions and that comes with a lot of pressure.”

Finnish and two-time Formula One World Champion, Mika Hakkinen, has raised speculation about Lewis Hamilton’s level of commitment to racing, suggesting that his focus may not be entirely dedicated to the sport anymore.

However, Hamilton’s own comments about his approach to Formula 1 weekends do not support this theory. Despite not securing a victory since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, it would be premature to assume that Hamilton’s motivation is waning as the winless streak continues.

On the contrary, Hamilton is relishing the challenge that confronts him and remains as resolute as ever to extract the maximum performance from every session he participates in.

“For me, it was easy just to stay focused on the job in hand and focus on the things I can control and making sure the team is consistently pushing forward,” Lewis Hamilton stated.

“I never got tired of it or comfortable. It’s a great feeling when you know you have got a car you can compete with. From our perspective, we know we are not fighting for a win, so it’s arriving hopeful that you can find a little bit of magic in the weekend.

“Every small decision, every position that you get in qualifying makes that difference and I would say I’ve been enjoying this more, for the short term.”