Hamilton: Mercedes Lags 1.5s Behind Red Bull in Race Conditions.

Lewis Hamilton has suggested that he and his Mercedes team are running around one and a half seconds slower per lap in comparison to Red Bull.

The reigning world champions took a 1-2 finish during the Bahrain Grand Prix with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez coming in first and second, respectively.

Mercedes, who were hoping to improve on their lacklustre 2022 season, finished 50 seconds behind the leaders.

Hamilton and his team-mate, George Russell, ultimately crossed the finish line in fifth and seventh place, respectively, marking a disappointing start to the W14 car’s tenure.

Hamilton has gone on to explain that it appears that Mercedes’ troubles this season seem to be particularly noticeable in the corners, where they are losing more than a second to Red Bull.

“It’s not on the straights,” Hamilton said when asked where Mercedes is losing out. “I think last year we were very draggy.

“We were struggling not only on the straights, we had to take a much bigger wing, but we were equalling, or if not, losing in the corners as well.

“This year, it’s mostly through the corners. I think down the straights we’re quick. But exits – these guys have a lot of rear end through the majority of the corners.

“So, I think in the race they weren’t pushing. And so I think they’re a lot quicker than they even seemed.

“But we have it as them being a second and a half faster in the race per lap. Something like that.”

Mercedes has indicated that it will carry out improvements to the car this weekend, though they have indicated that these are unlikely to be major alterations.

Hamilton has expressed optimism that Mercedes will be able to catch up to their rivals over the course of the season, however, he has acknowledged that it is still a long way off from being able to secure a victory.

“If you’re fighting for a World Championship, which is what you prepare for at the beginning of the season, you realise that that’s not the case,” he said.

“And then you redirect the energy into building and strengthening the team, supporting everyone in the best way you can.

“You continue to prepare the same for the races, in the sense of your fitness and the mental approach.

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“But, you know, we’re not fighting for, you know… We need the Red Bulls not to finish the race, the Ferraris not to finish the race, and maybe now the Astons not to finish the race, for us to be winning at the moment.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t catch them up. None of us at this team have ever kind of shied away from a challenge.

“We enjoy the challenge. We would much prefer to be at the front, but it isn’t the way it is.”